The Society for the Welfare of Horses and Ponies (SWHP) has been run as a horse hospital for more that 30 years, taking in sick, injured or abused animals and nursing them back to health.


There are usually between 30 and 40 horses and ponies in care at the Horse Hospital at any one time, and no animal ever leaves the Charity's ownership. When fully recovered they are not sold, but enter our adoption scheme and are found homes matched to their age, fitness and capabilities.

Adopting homes are checked regularly, and the SWHP now owns and is responsible for the wellbeing of more than 250 horses and ponies, ranging from former racehorses to Shires and Shetland ponies.

The horse hospital is near Monmouth, with 37 acres of grazing, and stabling for up to 30 horses. There is a fully equipped special care unit  where animals which are too weak to get to their feet unaided can be cared for in slings. This has saved many lives.

Animals arriving at the horse hospital are frequently suffering from starvation , dehydration and internal parasites (worms) and lice, and usually their feet and teeth have been neglected for far too long. Some have severe injuries.

In addition to their health problems, any new arrivals have never been handled, while others may have suffered cruel treatment. As a result they may need many hours of quiet work in thehandling area and the round pen, to restore their trust in humans before they can be reliable enough to go to new homes.

The Society receives several reports each week of horses in distress, many of them in pathetic condition through neglect or abuse. All calls have to be followed up, often requiring multiple visits.

Careful management makes the Charity the  highly cost-effective, while maintaining the best  possible level of care for the animals. The SWHP's Chairman, Mrs. Jenny Macgregor, has been presented with awards by the British horse Society and the British Equine Veterinary Association and has been awarded the MBE in recognition of the outstanding work of the Charity.





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