Life Stories

          I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! Both Pansey and Marilyn chose me to be the new “mom” of the most beautiful Charlie.

She is perfect and my husband and I are enjoying her immensely. Laughs and hugs and cuddles are part of the daily routine. She fits into our household effortlessly and our terrier, Fletcher, was kind enough to show her the way.

Everyone who sees her tells us how beautiful she is and we just smile….

Marilyn- Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!






                      "Lydia chose me, and I immediately fell helplessly in love with her. She has completely changed my day from rather stagnate and routine to one filled with adventure and laughter.

I couldn't imagine not coming home to Lydia! She makes my days more full and interesting and she even loves to play fetch with me and my friends! Being loved by a Charlie is truly a wonderful experience.

Marilyn, I don't know how you breed and train such wonderful dogs, but Lydia is the best dog EVER!"